Express Entry

Express Entry

Express Entry program has taken the Canadian immigration system to the new heights and new era. This system is one-of-a-kind in many ways and has completely changed the process how the Canadian government chooses skilled workers to gain entry into the country. Now, the CIC doesn’t play a passive role in processing the applications, rather it selects and invites qualified candidates from a pool of aspirants.

The salient features of ‘Express Entry’ are as follows:

  1. The candidates who are successful in getting entry into Canada get permanent residence status. They are free from first come first serve system; don’t need to compete against the occupational ceilings and are not bounded by predefined deadlines;
  2. Express Entry program includes following schemes:

    1) All of the former federal skills migration initiatives, FSW – Federal Skilled Worker scheme; FSTP – Federal Skilled Trade Program; CEC – Canada Experience Class;

    2)Some parts of provincial nomination schemes;

  3. It is an electronic platform, where the aspirants can create their profile for free of cost. This profile is reserved for up to 12 months, after which individuals can resubmit their profiles;
  4. Before creating the profile, individuals are subjected to go through a preliminary process – they need to get their academic accomplishments evaluated by a predefined body of Canada like WES; and they should also show their proficiency in either English or French by writing an approved language test;
  5. The profiles are then assessed for eligibility by the CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System. There are certain pre-defined criteria which are followed while assessing the applicant, like:

    1) Age,

    2) Linguistic skills,

    3) Academic achievements,

    4) Professional exposure, and

    5) Other deemed vital profile that can act as an evidence that the new entrants are competent to settle in the Canadian community;

  6. After complete evaluation of the profiles, the individuals are ranked on the basis of their marks obtained by the CRS;
  7. Candidates are subjected to get additional marks in the following conditions:

    1) If the candidate has earned a sponsorship from a wiling Canadian state, or

    2) Has obtained a full time employment offer from a Canadian employer;

  8. The CIC keeps on picking the applicants with higher scores time to time; or those who have a provincial nomination to their credit; or have received an offer letter for full time employee from a Canadian employer – through job bank;
  9. The shortlisted applicants are then allowed to apply for permanent residence. Selected candidates should respond within 60 days, otherwise the invitation is cancelled;

The request of the selected applicants is evaluated by the CIC within six months.

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