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Interglobal Immigration, regulated by ICCRC, is one of the private agencies in Canada to provide digital fingerprinting services for non-commercial purposes. Since its inception, it has been managing the most extensive digital fingerprinting infrastructure across Canada. Our agency possesses advance digital technology for the services and has an extremely skilled team to ensure precision and customer satisfaction at its best.

Our agency takes significantly less time (10 minutes) to take your fingerprints and complete the application. It would be best if you found a convenient Interglobal Immigration office to schedule an appointment near you.

Why do you need Fingerprints?

  • For the Federal Government Security Clearance as well as Contract Security Program
  • For citizenship and Permanent Resident
  • For Employment
  • Exemption for work and education purposes
  • For International Fingerprinting Requests
  • For a name change and more

What am I required for Fingerprinting?

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Immigration Documents, etc.

Notes :

  • Applicants should have a letter from the requesting source, if applicable.
  • All documents must be updated.
  • To obtain Canadian citizenship, each digital fingerprinting request must be incorporated by a letter from Citizenship and Immigration.
  • Our experienced professionals will be pleased to assist you in answering any queries.

Biometrics Fingerprinting Services

We also provide mobile services. Here you can create fingerprints for a group. For group and VIP processing requirements, we have special operators that support a variety of Provincial, Federal, Crown Corporation, and Private Company partners across Canada.

For any inquiries related to our services, write us at [email protected] or call: +1 (587) 930-3921

Service Fees:

Digital Fingerprinting – $60-75 + Tax

CPIC Criminal Record Check – $50 + Tax


ICCRC Regulated

InterGlobal Immigration