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Canada is a large economy where people find scope in terms of study, work and growth. Every year, thousands of students visit Canada for study purposes. Foreign or international students need to obtain Canadian Study permit if they are willing to study in Canada. This condition is applicable on the students who want to study in Canada for more than 6 months.

Canadian Study Permit or Visitor Visa?

In some of the cases, the potential international student willing to study in Canada may not need a study permit. For instance, if the student is coming to study a language that too only for 6 months, in such situation the student would not need a study permit, but would require visitor visa instead.

In order to get eligible for a Canada Student Visa (study permit), students should get admission at a Canadian educational institution. Students should apply for student visa at the Canadian visa office that is responsible for handling the immigration processes for their country.

Canadian immigration officials are liable for providing Canadian Study Permits and Visitor Visas only if the applicant meets the immigration requirements. The applicant should complete the application form and submit all the relevant and required documents along with the government fees for processing of the study permit or visa application.

With a valid Study Permit, an individual may:

  • study for more than six months in Canada,
  • allowed to work part-time on the campus of the educational institution they have registered as a full-time student, and
  • apply for the renewal of their Study Permit from within Canada, if they wish to continue their study in Canada.

At Axis Immigration, our immigration specialists provide the following services to the international students:

  • Selecting an affiliated program of study in any part of Canada
  • Preparing and completing the application form of the educational institution in Canada
  • Preparing, filing and submitting the application of Canadian Study Permit
  • Representing the applicant in Canadian Study Permit application process before Canadian immigration officials
  • Renewal or extension of Study Permit
  • Proper representation of the Canadian Work Permit application process before the officials.
  • Preparing and completing the Canadian Visitor Visa application for applicants joining study courses of less than 6 months
  • Representing the applicant during Canadian Visitor Visa application process before Canadian immigration officials

Our professionals at Axis Immigration aim to help every student fulfill their dream of studying in Canada. We are always ready to assist you, no matter how simple or complex the procedure is; you can always rely on us.

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